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Story of a Print


For Fall 15 we played with the idea of elevated workwear and looked to decorative plaster mouldings of the 18th century as inspiration for the collection.




While researching all things plaster we stumbled upon Foster & Reeve, a Brooklyn based plaster workshop, and decided to take a field trip to their studio to see the process firsthand. Located in a sunny loft space in Greenpoint, overlooking the East River, Foster & Reeve is gobsmackingly gorgeous. Emily Bedard, the head sculptor, walked us through the process of creating the mouldings.



Designs begin with an architectural sketch that is modeled out of clay, once the clay model is complete it is submerged in pink and yellow pastel colored silicon to create a cast of the design. Liquid plaster is poured into the silicon casts to create the decorative mouldings.



Inspired by our visit with Foster & Reeve we set out to interpret these decorative mouldings into a custom print. Combining various styles from delicate scrolls, to wreaths and medallions the SVILU Fall 15 “plaster print” was born.

Coming full circle we shot our Fall 15 collection amongst the bone white delicate casts at Foster & Reeve.


Special thank you to Foster & Reeve 


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