We create sustainable, modern classics for everyday adventures. Responsibly sourced and ethically produced clothes that set a woman apart without speaking louder than she does. 

Founded by designers Britt Cosgrove & Marina Polo with the belief that with the privilege of creating comes a responsibility to do it in a kinder way. We take care to consider the full picture – from the environmental impact of our materials, to the conditions and standards of our factories, to the inner operations of our business – our choices reflect our mission: Mindfully Made.

SVILU /svee-loo/ comes from sviluppare, which in Italian means to:

develop / expand / evolve / generate / strengthen


The Real Deal

When we put pencil to paper we start by thinking about the women who wear our clothes - our friends, moms and sisters, and community of women in the US and abroad. SVILU is a collection designed for you – pieces for the everyday, that get better over time and make life a little bit easier and mor...

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