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SVILU works with manufacturers who are compliant with state labor laws, pay their employees fair livable wages, and provide clean and safe working conditions. We've visited countless manufacturers to build a network of factories that meet our standards.


SVILU calls New York’s garment district home. The majority of our clothes are made on 38th Street, just a few doors down from our studio. The garment district is a tight-knit community within a big city, filled with all types of talent.

Our patternmaker Simon is an expert tailor. He makes the perfect jacket – fussing over the drape of a sleeve or the placement of a button to ensure the fit is just right.

Soonah is the manager at one of our local factories – her space is pristine with color-coordinated spools of thread lining the walls. She handles silks with finesse and makes the smallest baby hems in the city.

Alex is our grader – he takes our paper patterns, digitizes and grades them into different sizes so they are ready for cutting. Alex is always coming up with creative ways of laying out our patterns to guarantee the least fabric is wasted in cutting.

Nancie makes our separates. Her team is lively and the factory is always abuzz with chatter. The presser, Danny, can typically be found listening to merengue while expertly ironing the cuffs and collars of our shirts.

Our recycled, cruelty free & organic cotton yarns are spun in China. To streamline our sweater production, we looked high and low for the best local manufacturer until we found our partner Patrick.

SVILU’s sweaters are made using cutting edge flat knitting machines in a factory in Dongguan. Sourcing and manufacturing in one location has helped us minimize our transportation emissions.